If you are someone who likes to work in a peaceful environment, homestay can be your best option. Working while being at hills is a thing and working at hills while being in a homestay can be a cherry on the cake because when a person works with all peace of mind, the productiveness of work becomes better. 

As the Covid-19 situation has brought many services to online platforms and the workplace has changed from office to home as in, since ‘Work From Home’ has come up, people started working from home but to some extent we all know that it eventually becomes difficult and boring to do the same thing everyday. Therefore being at a homestay while working is in trend now because people look for that environment to work in as it discards the boring atmosphere of always being at home and of course who doesn’t want to gaze at the beautiful view of hills through the windows while working. 

Once I lose focus that’s when I’m going to go tumbling down the hill.

Getting done with the work during this pandemic is a priority for everyone on today’s date. But also after such a long existence of pandemic, people are bored enough to get done with the work efficiently, therefore us being a homestay welcome guests to visit us and spend some of their working days in nature’s lap. Staying at a homestay serves a whole different experience because of the various features of it.

First of all, the vibe of being at home even after being apart from the actual home is special and apart from this, the home-made food served by us represents our local culture. This home-made food adds up to the speciality of our homestay. This speciality includes the amenities like Wifi, heater, laundry and much more, the facilities provided by us are also counted in this. 

We make sure to avail all of the amenities and facilities that we promise to serve so that our guests do not face any issue while staying at our homestay or even while working. And also, we make sure to provide them with a peaceful atmosphere so that they can work without any disturbance. 

Therefore apart from providing a joyful environment to our guests we prioritize providing a peaceful environment to our guests who work by staying at our homestay.