Heyagriva is located in Darjeeling which is the ‘Queen of Hills’. Several travelers and tourists visit Darjeeling every year to enjoy the beauty of this place. Homestay itself is a different concept and Heyagriva because of its special features makes the staying experience of the guests more memorable.

Heyagriva is a homestay that treats guests as family members. It not only provides a home-like feeling and other services related to the homestay but also has other services that are assembled in different types of packages so that the guests do not have any kind of tension or problem.

No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.

Most of the guests come to Heyagriva for traveling purposes. Different packages have different options for exploring other nearby places of the entire Sikkim. The packages of Heyagriva are planned in a way that the guests do not need to worry about how to seek help as the packages include picking them up right from NJP or airport to their traveling destination and again back to NJP or airport.

Heyagriva has different types of rooms for the guests. Along with the rooms, there is a huge terrace that has a very pleasant view of Kanchenjunga every dusk and dawn. The guests are served homemade food and the interested guests are allowed to cook along with the family to know how to cook the local food. Heyagriva provides laundry services that the guests can use as per their needs and requirement. 

Heyagriva has an additional feature that is the meditation/prayer room where all the guests and the local family practice praying every morning and that is how the guests come to know more about the culture and their god. The praying room has candles, lights, and shrines that represent the family’s culture which is also the local culture.

Everything and every service at Heyagriva homestay are looked after by the host and his family including home-cooked food, maintenance of the ambiance, regular cleaning, laundry service, heating service, and other things.

Overall, Heyagriva is reviewed to be one of the best homestays of Darjeeling because of its services and an additional feature of having tour and travel packages, also because it is located near the Mall Road which is the main market of the place.