Homestay in the context of tourism offers the travelers to rent a home or rooms at any home along with other required services for staying purpose while traveling and exploring places. The idea of homestay serves the travelers the facility to stay and spend time with the local family of homestay.

Homestay represents the local culture and local cuisine of the particular place to their guests. This makes the guests know more about the local culture and taste the actual and real local cuisine that is cooked in the kitchen of homestays. Different homestays represent different cultures through the furnishing, paintings, the lifestyle of the local family, and much more.

“When the guest arrives, give him an experience that’s ahead of what he anticipates. What I’m hoping is that folks come away from [our homestay] having expected something, and come away thinking ‘wow, so much better than what we expected to have’.”

Homestays are valued for money because first of all they do not affect the pockets of the guests and secondly the services provided by the local family to their guests are worth every penny. Apart from this, there are many more plus points of homestays that can attract travelers, especially the ones who love comfort before anything. 

The local families of homestays treat their guests not as travelers but as a part of their own families. One cannot get this at hotels even after paying huge amounts. The services like being surrounded by the local family, the safety, the ambiance, the home-like experience, required furnishing, and especially home-cooked food are given to all the guests and the special thing of a homestay is the warmth of home cannot be found at any hotel. 

Most of the hotels do not have customized services. People are required to adjust according to the hotel’s rules and regulations. But at homestays, the travelers get customized services as they can ask for food, snacks, or any type of help from the family members as per their requirement. 

Homestays are perfect for solo travelers. Traveling on your own is a great experience and staying at homestays can make the entire traveling experience more amazing. At the homestay, the guests and the family can sit together while having meals, and the family and the guests can exchange stories and experiences, this way the atmosphere of a homestay becomes more comfortable for the guests. While conversing and enjoying the meal, guests come closer to the local culture which becomes exciting for them as they come to know more about the local family and culture.

Homestays can be termed as a real home away from home because homestays offer a homely atmosphere, they are not the real homes for the guests but, definitely serves them with an exact home-like experience that is interesting and different from staying at hotels.