If you are a person who is not aware of the concept of homestay, you definitely need to know about it because it is something that everyone loves after the very first experience. Heyagriva Homestay at Darjeeling is the best example of a homestay as it serves all the required aspects that a proper homestay needs along with some additional services of tour and travel packages.

Many reasons reflect the fact that people can opt for homestay as it gives the comfort and exact home-like experience. Here are the following points to support the fact that homestay can be a better option:

“Intelligent luxury is all about thinking about what really is special for our guests, what’s different, and to give them a surprise that they are not used to.”

  1. After all it is someone’s home – The attachment that a homestay provides is different that is generally loved by each visitor. Homestays are after all someone’s home where the local family helps the guests to have a home-like experience that one cannot get even at expensive hotels. 
  2. Actual home-cooked food – As homestays are actual homes, it serves the facility of providing actual home-cooked food and other services to all their guests. The guests get to eat the local cuisine of the particular place and enjoy the happiness of getting home-cooked food and service even while traveling.
  3. Can bring closer to the local culture – Many people like exploring the local culture along with exploring the place. Staying at a homestay rather than any hotel comes with the advantage that such guests can get closer to the local culture as well as their way of living as they get to see their lifestyle closely.
  4. There is no lonely feeling – The whole concept of homestay is to make the guests experience a homely environment. As the guests get to live with the local family, they remain surrounded by the family that does not make them feel lonely.
  5. Cheaper than expected – Homestays are considered to be cheaper when compared to the services, experiences, and warmth of home that they provide to all their guests. And obviously, homestays are cheaper than hotels. The services like being surrounded by the local family, the safety, the ambiance, the home-like experience, furnishing, and especially home-cooked food are given to all the guests and the special feature of a homestay is the warmth of home cannot be found at any hotel.
  6. Personalized service – Home-cooked food, getting all the required things, laundry services, and many more services of homestays are recognized to be the personalized services of homestay that one cannot get immediately at hotels.
  7. Living in a homestay is different – Staying at a homestay is way different than staying at hotels because hotels do not provide home-like food, home-like warmth, home-like personalized services, and much more.
  8. The experience adds to the travel stories – The experience of homestay is different that can add up to the traveling stories of the guests which they can remember like a memory. The yummy home-cooked local cuisine, the beautiful view of the particular place, personalized services, and other services are something that the travelers can remember as memories.